UM Alerts

There are no emergencies on campus at this time.

In the case of a campus emergency or weather situation, this Web page will provide the latest available information.

The same information will be available by calling the Campus Emergency Information Phone Line at 410-706-8622.

Inclement Weather Announcements
There are two accurate sources of information concerning inclement weather announcements: the Campus Emergency Information Phone Line (410-706-8622) and this Alerts Page.

The news media may confuse UMB with other institutions and announce incorrect information regarding our status.

General Policy
It is the general policy of the University of Maryland that the campus is always open for business, and employees are always expected to report to work.

In the event of inclement weather, a decision regarding the status of the University will be made by the president or his designee. No other University official has the authority to determine the status of the campus.

Once a decision has been made, the Office of Communications and Public Affairs will contact both the media and internal communications personnel to ensure that changes are communicated quickly and efficiently.