Center for Information Technology Services

UMID-Day is July 15th.  Are You Ready for the Changeover?

As of July 15, 2013, the UMID will be the ONLY form of authentication accepted by nearly 150 applications and websites used by faculty/staff/students at UM Baltimore.  This means that if you are in the habit of using, for example, your six-digit EMPLID number to access HRMS or UM Financials or RAVEN, you will need to switch to your UMID and associated password or be locked out!  The following are examples of enterprise applications that use the UMID.  A complete list can be found at the website, but you will need to use your UMID in order to access it!

The UM Account Management site will post a warning prior to July 15th, and provide a brief grace period after July 15 for creating your UMID, but from July 15th on, as far as authentication to UM systems is concerned, the UMID will be the only game in town!  (For complete details about the UMID, see the IT Help Desk publication UMID Login Reference Guide.)

The good news is that the UMID is not some random bunch of letters or numbers assigned to you by a computer.  YOU get to choose what you want it to be, using any combination of letters, numbers, and three special characters—the underscore, the period, and the dash.  At first your choice is flexible, but eventually it will become “locked-in,” and impossible to change without Help Desk intervention, so make it easy on yourself.  Best Practice is to make your UMID the same as your email username.

“Single sign-on” to UM technology applications is a goal that CITS has been moving towards for many years;  the reality of achieving it has now been accelerated by the UMB strategic planning process.  Applications must be configured to use the UMID one by one.  Most campus applications and resources have already been converted. And some recently implemented systems, such as UMVibe and Talx, went live using the UMID as their only acceptable login credential from Day One.  Additionally, a number of new systems are being designed to use the UMID, including the MPowering the State initiatives with College Park. 

This is another chapter in rebranding the University.  We have consistent imagery on our stationery, websites, and systems; now we will also have a consistent University ID that users can count on to be the credential they need for accessing any university system.  While this goal won’t be completely realized overnight, substantial success is only months away.  And the benefits can be realized today as everyone in the UMB community begins to use a single ID to access campus resources.