Novell Vibe is a secure web-based tool for sharing information and working collaboratively among groups of people.  

sharing files Implemented on our campus as UMVibe, Vibe enables faculty and staff to share documents and work in teams on projects that require group authoring.  Team members also are able to create and access a shared project calendar and conduct private online discussions, either in real time or asynchronously.  

The geographic location of individual team members is no longer a limiting factor, and all interactions take place in a secure environment where data is tracked and protected.

In addition to document sharing/collaborative authoring, Vibe offers a number of other sophisticated but easy-to-use tools to facilitate project work:  These include Task Management (personal and team), Survey Creation, Workflow Building (no programming required), Blogs, Wikis, and Threaded Discussions.

UMB faculty and staff members automatically have accounts on UMVibe.  All users of UMVibe need a UMID and password in order to log in. Team Leaders can invite colleagues from other institutions to participate on their team.

Students involved in a project which requires access to a UMVibe site will have to be specially added as well, and procedures are being developed to facilitate this.